“We are as the army of…Master Chief?”

Sandra and I had two of our grandsons spend the weekend, Ashton (8) and Raiden (5). When Sandra drove them back home (Longmont, just outside of Boulder), she spent a few minutes speaking with their mom, our oldest daughter, Chase. Sandra had noticed Ashton teasing Raiden a bit about the video game Halo during the drive back up; Chase confirmed that Raiden really, really likes Halo. Chase said she didn’t realize quite how much so until Raiden’s Primary teacher (Primary ~= Sunday School for kids 3-11) told her that Raiden tends to relate all of the class lessons to Halo. (The Primary teacher said that her husband plays Halo as well, so she generally knows what Raiden is talking about.)

Somehow fitting for a kid who was, yes, named after a character from Mortal Combat. ..bruce..

(ObExp for non-LDS: the title refers to a well-known Primary song, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth“, better known by the first line of its chorus: “We are as the army of Helaman” — a song that never fails to move me to tears when sung by a group of children and which allows me to excuse Janice Kapp Perry for the rest of her rather ah, bland oeuvre.)

One thought on ““We are as the army of…Master Chief?”

  1. Ditto on the “The Army of Helaman” bringing me to tears. We are singing it next week for our Sacrament Program, and have invited the Young Men to join the primary boys. I think it will be a tear jerker, especially for us moms with missionaries out.
    Double ditto on your Janice Kapp Perry comment. While she has written a few lovely things, I’m hoping her lock on the LDS market will lesson as the years go by.
    I discovered your blog a month or so ago, and have enjoyed reading your posts. Keep up the good work,
    from a fellow (former)Coloradoan.

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