(Spoof) TV Ad for … the Necronomicon

OK, I have to believe that the folks who did this spoof very much modeled it after the LDS Church’s ads for the Bible and the Book of Mormon — not only because of the background music and the way the whole conversation goes, but also because of the font and layout for the distributing organization at the end of the ad. As an H. P. Lovecraft fan, I find this ad particularly amusing. 🙂 ..bruce..

One thought on “(Spoof) TV Ad for … the Necronomicon

  1. Nice find, and thanks for the share. The odd blending of the two cultures (Mormonism and Cthulhu) is one that is kinda creepy, which is really the whole point, I guess.

    While not an H.P. Lovecraft fan myself, I know of several who are. One of them wrote and published the play “The King in Yellow”. So I passed the video on to them, in hopes that they, too, will find it entertaining.

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