A Lego version of the “Christus” statue

Latter-day Saints tend be very familiar with the “Christus” statue by Bertel Thorvaldsen, because replicas of the statue are found at several LDS temple visitor centers (most notably Salt Lake [see above] and Washington DC) and photos of the statue itself are commonly used in LDS materials.

Well, as it turns out, a church in Sweeden has build a replica of the “Christus” statue using Legos:

While my first impulse is to wince, I think that children would be utterly fascinated by this statue, and that it might give them an entirely different perspective on their own roles as artists and creators with the materials they typically play with.  ..bruce..

One thought on “A Lego version of the “Christus” statue

  1. Forget kids…I am fascinated by it! But then, I am a Lego guy, anyway.

    Its very interesting, though…it’s like they tried to do some sort of perspective with his front foot being longer, and his hands and fingers as well. Maybe the photograph was taken at a weird angle…?

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