No, not dead, not gone, just busy

I’ve got a work project that’s kept me in California for most of the past 6 weeks and is taking me back tomorrow night. It’s been intense enough, the hours long enough, that I’ve had little energy left to post here or on my other blogs. But I’ve got some things to post about, and I’ll try to do at least one each week.

In the meantime, here’s my first honest-to-goodness struggle with COVETING in some time.  Fear not; the fever dream has faded; if we get a second car, it will likely be one of the aging $2000 pickup trucks parked by roadsides in our neck of the woods. But it was a nice few weeks.  ..bruce..

One thought on “No, not dead, not gone, just busy

  1. I have owned 4 Mustang GTs, and I loved them. I am currently driving an Oldsmobile Intrigue, a decent car, but I miss the Mustang. We have been making noises to get another one here if our finances straighten out.

    But yes…it is a car. People like them, and they are fun to drive. But it is a car after all…-sighs-

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