Google weirdness — this site purged from Google

It appears that this site was purged completely from Google sometime on the evening of December 6th. I have no idea why. This means, of course, that not only are no Google searches coming to this site, but that the site has likely lost whatever ‘authority’ it had in the Google search algorithm.

Anyone with suggestions as to why this may have happened?  ..bruce..

3 thoughts on “Google weirdness — this site purged from Google

  1. The Great and Terrible Google has its mysterious ways and purposes. For some reason, they may have thought that you were a spammer of some sort.

    That happened to my site a while back but I can’t remember why.

    Googling around you can find tips on how to be reinstated or “reincluded” back to the internet.

    Such as here:

    It may be pain and take several weeks for them to work it out, but obviously it’s worth it.

    Good luck.

  2. When going to, I search for the string “Adventures in Mormonism”, and nothing comes up as you mentioned.

    However, in google chrome, if I type the same string into the address/search bar, I get a link to AIM right on the top of the list, so in some way google is still serving it up in some cases?

    That may help in the analysis. Maybe.

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