Why I’m leaving the Democratic Party

I have a lengthy post on one of my other blogs as to why the Left’s vicious and hypocritical reaction to Sarah Palin’s nomination has led me to finally leave the Democratic Party after 37 years:

The Democrats like to complain about “the politics of personal destruction”, even as they have mastered it (again, since Bill Clinton’s ascension in 1992). But the absolute frothing rage and vile, hypocritical and/or false attacks that have followed hard upon the announcement of Sarah Palin as the GOP Vice-Presidential candidate have left me appalled beyond words. The Left has shown once again that no one surpasses them at their willingness to utterly trash anyone — especially women and minorities — who defy or threaten them.

Here’s a simple thought experiement: suppose that Sarah Palin were a Democrat and had been chosen by Barack Obama as his VP candidate. Virutally everything that the Left is attacking Sarah Palin on right now would instead be touted as “real-world experience and understanding”, especially her time as mayor of a small town in Alaska.  They would fiercly mock any criticism, however mild, of Bristol’s pregnancy; they would tout Sarah’s choice to keep Trig (their Down’s Syndrome child) as showing how much of a ‘big tent’ the Democratic party has; and they would shout to the heavens Palin’s reformist credentials, particularly her fight against corrupt Republicans in Alaskan government.

For what it’s worth.  ..bruce..

2 thoughts on “Why I’m leaving the Democratic Party

  1. Welcome to the ‘Right’ party. 😉 That’s somewhat tongue in cheek, since Republicans make mistakes too, but I just couldn’t resist the pun. I’ve enjoyed your reasonable point of view and great comments on this site and throughout the ‘blogosphere.’ Even those of us who have been life long republicans have been dispirited at the prospect of voting for McCain. After last night, our household is elated. I hope you feel more at home with the Republicans.

  2. And here I was thinking of joining. Maybe I’ll stick with my party of choice for just a bit longer.

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