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[UPDATED 04/05/08 – 1455 MDT] Ooooooookay,  it looks as though this approach to one of our BBQs isn’t quite a popular as our regular approach. 🙂 We had maybe 8 adults (including 3 missionaries) and 3 kids for the morning session. Several families showed up during the lunch break — we probably had 30 people here at the high point — and now we’re back down to 7 adults (plus me) and 3 or 4 kids for the afternoon session. Of course, this means I now have more food than I know what to do with, even though I only cooked up half of the hamburger and the hot dogs. Heck, I have three briskets that I haven’t even carved up yet (and most of the first two left as well). I definitely overshot. Sigh.

[UPDATED 04/05/08 – 0802 MDT] As my sweet wife Sandra is fond of telling me, the advantage of cleaning (and setting) up everything before you go to bed is that it’s all still cleaned (and set) up when you wake up in the morning. Woot! The coals in the smoker that I carefully banked last night were still hot, so it only took me a few minutes to get the firebox going. The three turkey breasts and the leg of lamb are all now being bathed in pecan smoke and actually cooking as well. The drinks (which I’ve divided into “Diet Soda/Water” and “The Good Stuff” in two different containers) are now all on ice, though they got pre-chilled last night with the overnight temperatures dropping into the 30s.

I have time to drive to the store for more ice before anyone shows up.

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Well, all is readiness, I think. All five briskets (total pre-cooked weight: 35 lbs) have been smoked and are now in the oven for another 18 hours of cooking. I plan to get up at 6 am, rebuild the fire in the smoker, and smoke 3 bone-in turkey breasts and a leg of lamb (all of which have been marinading since yesterday). I called our next-door neighbors (Omar & Rose Rabat) and invited them to come over either Saturday or Sunday.

I have all the hamburger and hot dog buns purchased, though two of our MinPins — Wingnut (Winni) and Moonbat (Marti) — got hold of one pack of hot dog buns, ripped the package off, and dragged the buns into their ‘fort’ — the space under our bed — where they took quite a few bites out of the buns themselves. I discovered this when I called the dogs (we have four) to dinner, and Winnie and Marti just weren’t interested in their food. I also have all the ground beef, hot dogs, sausages, and portobello mushrooms purchased, as well as the chicken breasts (cut in half and marinating). Those will all get grilled between sessions tomorrow.

I got the satellite box and projector set up downstairs, then cannibalized one of my PCs to get a subwoofer and a pair of speakers for the audio; it works great. Moved furniture downstairs and set up folding chairs (we have about 20 folding chairs because Sandra is the ward music/choir director, and we hold choir practice at our house). Dragged chairs and counter stools around on the main floor as well.

Printed up 8″x5″ cards labeling bathrooms and nursing rooms and taped them to the appropriate doors. Typed up a half-sheet flyer for those attending (so I don’t have to keep explaining the same things over and over as people arrive) and put them — along with blank name tags — by the front door.

Moved all of the bottle water and diet soda out onto the deck, as well as half of the non-diet soda, so the night air can start the chilling process.

Cleaned the house so it’s spic and span.1

I guess that’s it. “To bed, to bed! Said Sleepyhead…” (one of our kids favorite bedtime rhymes). [Scroll back up and click on the “Night Theme” button at the top of the right sidebar to get the proper effect.] ..bruce..


1 I added this in case my wife — who’s out of town — happens to get ‘net connection and read this post.

3 thoughts on “General Conference BBQ update

  1. Have to hand it to Bruce. It was a real top-notch job on his part. He cooks a mean brisket, and it was a very nice way to watch General Conference.

    I agree it would have been nice with more people there. But the food was great (better than most any other BBQ I’ve been to), the kids playroom was perfect, my girls enjoyed the dogs (and enjoyed the morning generally – and seemed really taken with the deck chairs), and the location was really pretty. I was actually a bit worried how the girls would behave, but they’re in a really good mood today. Speaking as a parent, that’s always a big deal.

    I found it a really relaxing way to spend General Conference morning. Even the drive was nice (my kids are good travelers) and I managed to keep my daughters out of my sick wife’s hair all morning.

    The only thing missing was more of you guys. But I enjoyed it. Wish I’d had more time to browse Bruce’s rather impressive library though.

    Thanks for throwing it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Seth. I was happy with how all the food turned out — I just have, well, a lot of it right now. 🙂 We’ll see how many folks show up tomorrow.

    And your girls were adorable. ..bruce..

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