The Hinckley challenge

A group of Latter-day Saints have decided to honor the late President Hinckley by reading the Book of Mormon in 97 days (to commemorate his 97 years of life). They are issuing the same challenge to Latter-day Saints everywhere and have set up a web site where you can register and log your progress.

It’s a great challenge and a fitting honor. I’ve signed up; have you? ..bruce..

UPDATE: Below is my current progress chart.

2 thoughts on “The Hinckley challenge

  1. I hadn’t heard of the site or challenge before reading your post (thanks for sharing!); I’ve signed up now. I’ve also put up a special offer for challenge participants: Mormon’s Book for only the cost of shipping. (This is the complete text of the Book of Mormon recast in paragraph form. It’s also available for download in text and PDF formats.) Some might find it easier to read in a more traditional novel-like format.

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