Find God in 60 days

You may disagree with Klaven’s politics, but as a former Democrat, I’ll say that he’s pretty spot-on on how the Left and Hollywood (but I repeat myself) treat religion, particularly Christianity. And his advice is solid. ..bruce..

3 thoughts on “Find God in 60 days

  1. Dont even bother with me…..I already found inner peace and you MAKE FUN OF IT! GOD IS NOT AN INFOMERCIAL. BUT YOU SURE DO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE ONE IN HIS EYES>…and all those who look down from above!

    DONT THINK YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! YOu dont have even any humility…….or MAN,,,you sure are one heck of a good actor!

  2. HEY BRUUUCE! OH BRUCE ALMIGHTY! I have run, because its a beautiful morning and I have my mountain bike waiting so patiently for me! (Bless its loyal gears!)

    But I just wanted to first say good morning to you!

    I am the one you have been waiting for all along, or so you can just play along and pretend that with me!


    And I promise, I will allow you to feel good in all our debates! Even tho.. ya just better get used to the idea that you likely wont be winning many debates with me!

    But I like to lose, cuz…..its rare for me! I always like to learn something new!


    HAHA…..I am kinda cute myself —-aren’t I not??

    Well I AM A GOOD PERSON, which I do know! And I love to teeez people like you, and in the end…….you will be left feeling better!

    Or are you already feeling great enough?

    PS. If you deny my beckoning call……for you to rumble-a-tumble with me….then I will have to call you a chicken!

    BAAAWK BAAAAAWWWK!! Haha… are not a ….chicken now are ya??? HUH?? ARE U A CHICKEN bruce….I type giggling like a little kid!

    COme and join me at the playground and will will (metaphorically) have one of the old time CHICKEN FIGHTS……… and I am darn good at them kind of games!

    I beat sixth graders when I was in the 3rd grade! Ahhh…..those were such glory days for me! But I am now…..GOSH 36 years old! And yet……(sigh)…….I invite YOU especially to come back into childhood……and I will open them doors for you ‘wide’ my friend!

    FInd out who I am…..and we will find out together who we both are….a little better than we both already THINK we do!

    Come on Bruce! Let’s have a fun little recess together, and I will show you some new tricks on the BIG TOY! REmember that BIG TOY….or did you not have one at your elementary school when you were that age?

    YOu are old I know…….but I can teach old dogs and cats, and even sometimes people new tricks!

    Just entertain the idea! I will entertain YOU!

    And forgive me if I ever hurt your feelings! That is not really me, BUT I HAPPEN TO LOVE GOD! Take it or leave it!

    REmember how you loved your own mother???? Hmmm?….. And if (let us say) someone else said something oh..just not quite right in your own heart’s opinion…..well then????

    That is how you make me feel, and we need to clear things up…Alright?

    I trust you are not a coward but a TRUE FRIEND who has the ability to become not only enlightened……..but even more than that. YES SIR BRUCE!

    Not bragging…….yet…..60 days….infomercial! GIVE ME A BREAK!

    I will teach you how to really go about your business!

    And it wont take no 60 silly days!

    And you can THINK and ASSUME whatever you wish!

    BUT REMEMBER HOW OFTEN WE ALL ARE SURPRISED IN LIFE…when we try to predict the future??

    Bruce….. — as if I need to help you!

    Seeya! And have a nice day!

    REmember…..all bad feelings or any negative emotion— is your own interpretation of my true intentions!

    PPS……I am trying to make this into a positive thing—- actually discovering your Bruce Almighty website! But perhaps together we can make it a good ADVENTURE???

    I believe so!

    Your brother……

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