You’ll need to register again

The delete-and-restore process deleted all user IDs, so you’ll need to register again to leave comments. Sorry!  ..bruce..

3 thoughts on “You’ll need to register again

  1. Did you install after they released WP 2.7 last night?

    Hopefully that will help with security issues.

    I’m surprised your site got hacked like that. How did you figure that out? I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to me.

    Good luck with getting things back to normal.

  2. Yes, I upgraded to 2.7 (my webhosting firm only had 2.6.5 available, so I used the WordPress Automated Upgrade plug-in to do the 2.7 installation).

    The effect of the hack was that the HTML source for my blog’s front page had a long list of links to spam websites (someone else pointed that out to me; I verified it by using the ‘View/Page Source’ command in the Firefox menu). I saved the blog posts out as XML using the WP Manage/Export command; I then opened up that file and looked for ‘iFrame’ statements, which I found and deleted.

    As noted, I went through this last spring with another one of my blogs, but Google’s reaction was different that time. ..bruce..

  3. Thanks for the explanation.

    I’m still on WP 2.6 but will upgrade ASAP and be more vigilant.

    I’m sure your explanation will get Google to reintroduce you back to the internet soon.

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