‘Net searches that end up at this blog

One of my favorite features of the Sitemeter monitoring service that I subscribe to is that I can see the actual search strings that people typed into Google or other search engines that led them to this blog. The single most common set of search strings combine “Mormon” or “LDS” with “Obama”. A fair number of people do searches on “adventures in mormonism”, for reasons that entirely escape me (I chose the name based on a lingering fondness for the late 80s movie, “Adventures in Babysitting”). But what I find most fascinating are the one-off searches that somehow lead here. Here are a few recent example; quotes are from the search strings themselves; all typos and grammatical errors are preserved:

  • “was actually” logic
  • repo book
  • texas supreme court order mail or person
  • stone to leave for family when rapture occurs
  • latter day saint church how many private jets
  • thomas s monson – the antichrist
  • recorded aether hyperspace
  • victorian old man clip art
  • lds, mormon, eye color
  • pbs conspiracy mormon jehovah
  • which temple does mitt romney attend
  • “one last stolen look”
  • grandpa mormon beliefs
  • rights of senior missionary companions
  • does the lds loves obama
  • is the mormon church ran by aliens
  • mormon sounds
  • exobiology characteristics
  • sword turns into milk
  • the brothers karamazov edmund fuller less pages
  • is it ok for mormon kids to hug
  • mormon church mt. shasta
  • mormon sheep
  • mormons have no personal debt
  • michelle obama is mormon?
  • lds mission presidents excommunicated
  • dave berry mormon
  • bipolar mormon
  • mormon caverns salt lake city
  • is there a jared in lehi whose last name starts with an f,
  • mormon clue board game
  • mormon clothing and men
  • “they might be giants” mormon
  • b.y.u. theme song 1945

Those are all hits within the last 3 weeks (and taken from the most recent 2000 hits on this blog).  ..bruce..

One thought on “‘Net searches that end up at this blog

  1. I always find these amusing. Recent searches to my blog:

    biv, heigh to kolob
    pornography at BYU-Idaho
    koyle dream mine
    who should have church handbook of instructions book 2
    twilight bella’s childbirth scene
    mosiah hancock hanging by a thread
    bishop koyle prophecies
    “uncommon common pioneer”
    edward cullen
    kolob five fingers snowy
    ken driggs vera black
    school of the prophets lds
    Sarah Granger Kimball hair color
    equal to god mormon

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