A brief observation

In my wanderings through the bloggernacle over the past year or so, I’ve noticed two general trends of commentary (criticism, really) regarding LDS sacrament meetings:

  • Our meetings lack the reverence, formality and solemnity of, say, Catholic mass or most Anglican/Episcopalian services
  • Our meetings lack the vibrant joy, musical diversity, and audience participation of Evangelical or African-American churches

Which, of course, just goes to prove that there’s no pleasing everyone or possibly anyone. 🙂  ..bruce..

One thought on “A brief observation

  1. I’m not sure about that.

    Catholic churches are built to dampen sound, so that helps a lot. Most of what I have witnessed (in cathedrals in Europe) is people going in and out all the time as a small group is participating in mass. Still, there is a feeling of quiet when you walk in. However, I usually felt a small coldness/ emptiness and loneliness, too. I liked it sometimes, but…

    Well, if we used brainwashing and “loud laughter” it would liven things up for us, too (see “The Battle for Your Mind” for more info). It might give some more of a reason to go to participate, though.

    But I agree, it would be nice to have more of both, and you never can please everyone enough.

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