Mormon-Alien-Masonic conspiracy!

No, this is not the next posting on LDS exobiology. Through my usual morning blog-browsing, I ran across this site that characterizes the three major groups of aliens that have contact with Earth, then goes on to note that the Mormons are in cahoots with the aliens!  A sample:

Now, before relating the following account, let me say something about the Mormon Church system, within which this writer was raised… This church was created by a man named Joseph Smith, however the REAL power behind its growth was John C. Bennett, who was apparently one of many Scottish Rite agents assigned to infiltrate the various religious movements of the world. If one does a thorough study of the Masonic connections to major denominations they may discover some surprises (for instance Norman Vincent Peale was a 33rd degree mason, as were the founders of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Theosophy, Scientology, Unitarianism, and so on).

The Scottish Rite, incidentally, was created by Jesuits and Masons at the Parisian college of Clermont. Dr. John Coleman states that 13 Maltese Jesuits, 13 Wicca Masons and 13 Black Nobility members make up the 39 members of the Bildeberger group, ultimately controlled by the BAVARIAN Illuminati through the Scottish Rite.

The Master Mason John C. Bennett convinced Smith to sell out to the Masonic lodge (Scottish Rite) and Bennett worked to establish an “Order of the Illuminati” within Mormonism, according to Klaus Hansen’s book “QUEST FOR EMPIRE”. Mormonism became a hybrid religion between Christianity (worship of the “Lamb”) and gnostic Scottish Rite Masonry (worship of the “Serpent”).

Even today the Mormon masses in Utah believe that they are “Christians”, and even the majority of the “Council of 12” – unknown to the most of its membership – are actually controlled by the Scottish Rite “Council of 50” behind the scenes. These “Insiders” allow only the oldest members of the outer “Council of 12” to become President of the Church. Apparently the older these council members are the less likely they will be to discern what is going on behind the scenes, to make waves or make changes, or challenge the hidden Scottish Rite infiltrators and controllers.

Hey! The Council of 50! I was wondering when we’d bring that back.

But wait — it gets better. Here are the breathless secrets divulged by a genuine “Utah researcher”:

“You most likely have heard of the Mormon Church, LDS, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, here in Utah, of which they control the total state in all fields and phases of human endeavors. They have built temples in 100 countries. The missionaries in all these countries, including the USA, work with the CIA.

“As the missionaries can get into countries where the CIA cannot, they collect information on the people and everything of any and all nature, the countries’ government and all their activities. All this world-wide information is shared with the CIA and it is fed into three of the largest computers in the world, church-owned, here in Salt Lake City (these reportedly fill the entire top 2 or 3 floor-levels of the “Church Office Building” in Salt Lake City – Branton). This church is one of the most powerful and rich organizations in the world today. It has one of the largest and secret police force[s] in the world. I have collected this kind of information for 45 years.

“The above is not all they are into. A high official of this church was recently kicked out of the church as he got too snoopy and asked too many questions. He came to me a few months ago and told me what happened. He said that HIS LIFE HAD BEEN THREATENED if he told anyone of what he had found out. So he told me that if anything happened to him, to release the information he gave me. THIS INFORMATION CONCERNS A GIANT CAVERN BENEATH SALT LAKE CITY AND THE WASATCH MOUNTAIN RANGE. IT GOES NORTH TO IDAHO AND SOUTH CLEAR DOWN PAST THE ARIZONA LINE, WITH OFFSHOOTS WEST INTO NEVADA AND EAST INTO COLORADO.

“This cavern has been common knowledge for over 120 years. Many cases over the years [have] appeared in the newspapers of people and groups of people going into the cavern, but never coming out. Several [who] did find their way out, were hopelessly insane. At least that’s what the newspaper said about them.

“At present the Archaeological Dept. of Utah are down in southeastern Utah looking for a certain entrance into this cavern, that [a] fellow by the name of John Brewer of Manti, Utah, discovered around 30 years ago (around 1960 – Branton). He brought out of the cavern quite a few ancient plates of an unknown language. Some of the plates were gold, some silver, brass, copper and clay. He also saw many strange things he won’t talk about, such as what he thought were weapons of crystal.

“His son was TORTURED AND KILLED by some unknown person or persons trying to force the secrets out of him. The church wanted the plates in the worst way – they still do.

“The information I was given by this former member of the Church IS VERY CLOSE TO BEING THE SAME AS [the information that has surfaced concerning] DULCE, NEW MEXICO. Like he told me, “After all, where on earth would be a better contact point for aliens than Utah, with thousands of miles of deserts and places not even on the present day maps. Plus a large and powerful organization with hospitals, schools and universities where aliens could undergo physical changes, educated in our languages and customs, using research labs, some of the best in the United States. A lot of GENETIC EXPERIMENTS AND RESEARCH is also going on here in different laboratories.”

And, yes, there’s more, but I’ll only quote one more paragraph:

In this case the statement that this activity – taking place within the massive cavern-systems below the Wasatch Front of the Western Rockies – is a “U.S. Government Operation” would only be a half-truth. It should also be recognized that there is a “Melchizedek” order which is active within the Mormon Church, the Masonic Lodge and the Mt. Shasta Community, all three of which apparently have some connection with the Utah underground. This does not mean that all “Melchizedeks” are presently collaborating with the Reptilian Grays – Branton).

You’ll have to go read the rest for yourself. And watch out for the Danites!  ..bruce..

14 thoughts on “Mormon-Alien-Masonic conspiracy!

  1. It’s not worthy of a read actually. I only have to skim those and I know where they’re coming from.

    I’ve spent many years reading just about everything there is to read regarding aliens, UFOs and anything that man thinks they’re involved with. You’ll always run into these kinds of websites on occasion simply because there is every kind of personality imaginable with a keyboard.

    Because of that, those in ufology or alien research take a lot of it with a grain of salt. It’s bound to happen and I’ll explain how further down.

    The Dulce story is another good point though. Dulce was exactly what it was, which was an underground military installation. Good for them, I sure would feel better knowing that our service men are safely underground with all of their electronic computer equipment protecting our country. That’s the way it should be. So obviously, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that but, over time (and as the stories go), it was at some point suddenly home to aliens who were in cahoots with the U.S. military personnel there. Unfortunately, all of that was also the creation one single individual and it was not true whatsoever. The downside is that there are over 100 YouTubes and numerous websites still talking about the Dulce situation even though it was false. These stories will go on for years even though they were thoroughly debunked. How do you tell everyone in ‘one fell swoop’ that it’s not true. You simply can’t so unfortunately these stories continue to be kicked up on the Internet over and over, just like you kicked this one up. lol

    Like I said, we see such things on the Internet on occasion but we also know to dismiss them and why.

    I think your key to this was pretty much his initial statement and why I said earlier it was bound to happen. He said that he had been involved in such after being influenced (at the very impressionable age of 12) by Frank Edward’s book, Flying Saucers. That book was printed in 1967, which means that he was born in 1955 and has entrenched himself in the subject of aliens and UFOs for 41 years. That’s a very, very long time carrying around yearning unanswered questions.

    Entrenchment in anything can be dangerous psychologically speaking, especially if it concerns an unknown that has unanswered questions and instills intrigue and fear. I’m not talking about fiction that causes such because I already know that he uses the word ‘fact’ all too often and doesn’t know how to theorize.

    Point being, this shows how important it is, which influences are put in front of the adolescent during those impressionable years.

    I too have delved into the subject of aliens and UFOs for many many years. However, I have a simple rule that I must follow and it’s the same one science uses. If it’s not ‘at least’ observed visually or by testing than it is simply theoretical and never to be filed away in that little drawer in the brain called ‘truth’. Instead, you just put it in the back of your mind. There is much however that can be observed by one individual, who then has the right to state that it’s a fact, however, those that they are stating it to, can only accept it as theoretical since they personally never observed it themselves. That’s how one keeps their sanity.

    Atrueoriginall (alien abductee) and that’s a fact but not for you.

  2. Wow. You mean I was working for the CIA while on my mission in Russia! I sure wish someone would’ve told me. [Admittedly, I am told that the Russian Mafia kept an eye on our missionaries for a few months, until they decided that they were legitimately doing what they said they were doing; I just wish that they’d convince the government of that.]

    Now then, as a member of the church, it is quite obvious that this conspiracy is absurd. However, I could see how someone without a testimony of the restored gospel, especially someone who has been inoculated against the truth and has false beliefs about the church, might believe it.

    I myself believe in certain conspiracies (see , for example) and am undecided about others. I have found though, that even church members, who should know quite clearly that secret combinations lead to the utter destruction of at least two civilizations, refuse to even consider that such conspiracies might exist among us (at least beyond something abstract and nebulous). Indeed, a person close to me hates it when I make statements about conspiracies in this day and age, because they have not heard the proof, yet they refuse to listen when I have information that goes into detail on the subject. In the same way, people seem to happily accept that a ruler of a foreign country is evil, but refuse to believe that about the ruler of their own country. I appreciated your blog article, quoting Orson Scott Card on “Deep Religion,” as it offers an explanation about why this might be so [ ]

    This leads me to a problem. How can one discern between truth and error in temporal matters? When the so-called (mainstream) news is more entertainment, manipulation and advertising than it is light and truth, and the veracity of information on the internet spans several standard deviations, from patently false to plainly true to having a grain of truth and man’s interpolations thereof — how can one tell what is what? (I suppose that solipsism might offer a consistent model, but it rather seems lacking as a useful worldview.)

    Now, certainly, the Holy Ghost’s will bear the witness of the truth of all things. I’ve never seriously considered praying to know if a given conspiracy is true or not, mostly because it does not seem to matter in the eternal scheme of things. [And I’m tempted to say, “Why ruin a perfectly good theory with the facts?”] I’m even less inclined to pray to know if every news story accurately represents reality, or to spend a long time researching it.

    So, again, given that so many ideas, both sane and crazy, seems to have a proponent out there somewhere, how can one tell what is useful and what is not? [Granted, people have adapted to cope with life and decision making even given erroneous and incomplete information, nonetheless, I do feel the question is not academic.]


    — Interesting blog, by the way; I’m glad I found it.

  3. The thing I can’t figure out about the idea that there are caverns or tunnels or suchlike under Salt Lake City is why we had a river down State Street in 1983 so that the water from City Creek could get to 13th South and thence to the Jordan River.

    There is no way we could have kept those tunnels/caverns from flooding. We could barely keep the water from seeping beyond the sandbags along the sidewalks of State Street.

  4. I myself am mormon, but I am doubting my believes. I’ve been watching videos on youtube of alex collier. look him up he is a contactee to the andromedans, which are humans from another planet. a lot of the stuff that he has been told have happened and others not. but there is proof in history that he is indeed unto something. there is another man in switserland that is a contactee with the andromedan that are blond hair pale skin humans from another planet, and he actually has proof. saw that in youtube too he actually has a speaker for him here because he only speaks german and the english he speaks is awful. maybe someone with an open mind can look this up and help me decide. There isn’t a night I dont toss and turn trying to find middle ground between what I’ve been taught and what I am finding out. my husband on the other hand says he always knew there was something wrong with the church. he always believed in e.ts and has completly turned his back on the church. ( my husband name is moroni and his brothes name is nefi ironic right?) I have a baby and I do love the church but I am scared to teach my daughter a lie she may recent later. I don’t want it to be a lie, buyt I just don’t know any more. If some one could help, please do

  5. Who ever wants to be friends………and have a truly fun and adventurous chat. Let go of fear…..and HOLD ON TO LOVE…..

    I boldy embrace you all…….and I come here on behalf of Jesus my LORD! —- And HE IS, MY BEST FRIEND TOO.

    So come follow me……and THOSE WHO WISH TO ARGUE and stay LOST…..YOU are NOT in (HIS NAME) invited!

    PS. I grew up in the SAME church YOU ALL DID! Or else WHY would I be posting this reply???? Its also my very first reply at this here— GREAT ADVENTURE OF A WEBSITE!

    WOW– I am not so impressed though. At least NOT yet.

    Those who have trouble and feel lost—— come to me and we will be happy together. After all…Joy cannot be fully appreciated unless it is shared, correct?

    You “mothers” who are scared……..I will protect your children from the overcomplicated “fools” like a LION…… and I will make you laugh at all your problems! ALL of which will fall off of you like shackles falling off the wind.

    But again….ONLY THOSE who really REALLY DESIRE LIGHT….and LIGHTNESS inside….and I will beg your pardon for the rest of you!

  6. Remember to ask yourself. WHAT ARE THE FRUITS??? Are they sweet, are they juicy…..or is your life hurting and lonely?

    Or something else of that negative, bland nature!?

  7. I can see.

    And I CAN SEE LIKE A CHILD SEES! So dare anyone want to argue with me?

    I cannot wait! Life is hard for people, people…because we make it hard on ourselves! Go on right ahead and continue following your fallen nature…..or would you rather let go of the handle bars of your old bike (which is indeed broken) and be free to embrace something newer and better???


    AND I LOVE GOD….so stop your silly stupid INFOMERCIALS that cheapen HIS NAME! You cheapen yourself to do that!

    And NO… I do not claim to be, or think myself to be–
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    And especially do not assume anything about me or what or who I represent!

    Oh PS-….nice to meet you all, by The way! 🙂

  8. My own family is in a state of ruins….and it almost ruined me!

    Is that what the church helps us out with? Why not ask my relatives….. See how FUN they are making their own lives!

    Pleaee people…..lets stop the SELFISH SALVATION BS!

    We are either ONE….or NONE!

  9. I will freely answer any questions as best as I can. But please come to me with humility and respect and I will do my best for you.

    I am still human after all! HAHA!

    HAHa…….ONLY HUMAN…..

    I also know I am CHILD OF GOD! And I KNOW THAT BETTER too!

  10. Anyone ever heard of the Mayan Calander and know anything about MASTER CYCLES in unverse, or should I say in our own humble little GALAXY?

    Does anyone here have any ideas, or even A CLUE as to what it means for us and our souls— in relationship to GOD and our eternity?

    Its exciting but this church had better what up soon or its gonna be sad dawning realization for you all who choose to stay focused on— on what? THE CHURCH, THE CHURCH THAT!

    You know what I say about THE CHURCH right now? I SAY F the church! Because I deal with people around me who have no idea about Someone much more cool than anything you will ever probably find in any of even the best Sunday 3 LOOOONG and boring hour meetings!

    And now everyone run away in fear! You are all afraid to THINK BEYOND your programming! Well I AM, and I am not afraid of ANYTHING since I have been getting to KNOW HIM again!

    HE Is NOT a commercial. The SUN RISES……does it need any “advertisements” or people at NIGHT coming in to Knock on the door to try and explain what will soon be so perfectly made clear by the DAWNING LIGHT? Why is my Church….the one I grew up in so full of FOOLS!?? That is what I DEEP DOwn am Asking inside myself lately and asking GOD to show me and see and understand better so I can HELP MY FAMILY!

    And you what made me SICK just a few minutes ago?

    LET ME POST THIS FOOL…..making a fool out of himsself. Sorry—- I no wish to hurt ANY FEELINGS anymore than I wish to hurt my own! BUT People sometimes need a little bit of a WAKE UP ..SMMMAACK right upside their bald shaven heads!

    GET A LOAD OF THIS COMIC…..making GOD into an infomercial!

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    Sorry for the insults of your grand website!

  12. Maybe its true….maybe its NOT,….but it doesnt really matter to me, anyways…..because I KNOW I AM TRUE….and MY LORD LOVES ME SO MUCH!

    I had an NDE years ago.

  13. I feel shit looming here…..and I wish to beg your pardon and leave you all to your own little FUN adventures!

    Something in my inner child feels totolly wrong about it!

    ITS like a big tangled up mess! WHY?

    Do you wish to know me better?

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