Updates to this site (need to reregister)

Up until now, this blog has operated as a subdirectory on another one of my domains (brucefwebster.com). However, I recently upgraded to a dedicated server for all my websites, so I have converted this blog to its own separate web site. Most of the WordPress data came over just fine; however, anyone who was previously registered in order to leave comments will have to do so again.

Other than that, things seem to have gone well. Oops. Just noticed that the blogroll didn’t come over.

I also think that I have most of the redirection working correctly and automatically; please let me know if you’re experiencing problems. Now to see if I can fix the blogroll stuff…yep, but had to bring them over manually. Since this is a trial run for setting up my other blog as its own web site, I’m glad to do all the learning on this one. ..bruce..

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